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 A close Friday near today's price of $1360 will be a major triple top break out and make a clear path for $1450. With the vast majority of TA signals failing I have no expectation this one won't as well but  at least a signal will have been given. First POG needs to close near $1360 on Friday. 
History may look back at this period and see it as the greatest bifurcated economy ever. Deflation in some things and in some places rampant, inflation in other things and places the same. If POG is being honest the past eight years deflation has been running the show. Of course that is a huge "if" and to think no extraneous hands have shaped the POG more so than any deflation indication is way easier to believe. 
Anyway at least the movement today reflected the reality of FED action.  
To think POG is under 10% from breaking above the chasm is heartening. To think it is 15% from clearing the well all together is like feeling a draft in a mine you have been trapped in. Fresh air does exist. 

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