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 read thru the questions under the subheading posted below off the link.   Instead of showing solidarity, maybe the union should be telling the ones not getting a pay check why the negotiations aren't moving forward...  again, if the information at this link is valid...
and yes, I am tired of seeing this happen over and over again....   The unions for instance are already threatening the auto companies as their contracts are set to expire later this year of striking if they don't get what they want.  And the negotiations haven't even started... 
Collective Bargaining March 9, 2018
The last time the two sides met at the bargaining table was October 30, 2017. At that time, the parties were indisputably deadlocked, which resulted in the cancellation of a subsequent meeting on October 31, 2017. The following month, the Union invited Hecla to a two-day meeting with a federal mediator; however, when the Union arrived at the meeting they had requested, they brought no new ideas or proposals. After the Union failed to accept the federal mediator’s idea to compromise by using a job advancement system at another USW-represented mine, the meeting ended with no progress. During December 2017, Hecla submitted a revised final offer, the terms of which included all of the agreements reached during the negotiation sessions between July and October 2017. To-date, the Union has failed to respond to Hecla’s December 2017 offer. After almost three months, Hecla’s offer remains open. The ball is in the Union’s court.

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