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Re: Totally OT--but then NOT-- ot ot--long story

This made me think of my Grandfather and his/my family---he was in the Austrian Cavalry in WWI on the eastern front--had 4 horses shot out from under him and was hospitalized twice. He ended up the war on the Italian front as a cannonball spotter--shouting down instructions to the Austrian cannoneers.
Well obviously he survived and went home and married--but by then of course the Empire was dead and was totaled by the redistribution of lands in the Versailles Treaty.
Following that--the German speakers were  no longer the powers that be in his part of the world. The new leaders wanted his land, and his business, and his prize horses. They threatened his BIL and one day/night  my GF and his BIL ran for their lives. The gendarmes were shooting at them riding horses beside the train pulling away. They swam rivers at night and ran for their lives. They ended up in Italy and took a ship to the new world. Somehow he had managed to get money I do not know, but not all was confiscated by the new order. It may have be gold--I am inclined to think it was--deposited in Italy before these events.
In the meantime, my Grandmother was back on the farm and the new leaders came and took her, pregnant w/ my mother, and interrogated her for 3 days--leaving 2 children, a 3 year old and a 4 year old, home alone on the farm to look after themselves. 
Finally, after my mother was born, the 4 of them left and also took a ship to the new world.. On the trip across the Atlantic there was a huge storm and all luggage was lost. So my Mother arrived in her Mother's arms, who had 10 dollars , a baby bag, a sausage and 2 other children. 
These people made a new life. They had suffered and lost. But they worked and worked and worked. No one went hungry. When my Grandmother died she had 18 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. They were (we are) all people who worked and built things--- new lives-- not contrived political takers, but for the most part simple happy people just making lives, not stealing not causing trouble, farming  brewing beer running businesses or professions etc.
These are the people who are now being asked to condone a way of life that is an anathema to a way of life--by family history, they suffered to escape--and did.
Those of us who come from this kind of history will clearly say--we are not going to give it up. We do not control the world--frankly I would have jailed HRC a long time ago along w/ Podesta--but those kinds of people cannot be allowed to prevail because they are not builders--they are destroyers. And we cannot be the do-gooders of the world. People have to get up and do for themselves. Harsh--maybe--but realistic.

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