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Re: APMEX is JP Morgan

Company history

Edmond Coins and American Precious Metals Exchange were founded in 1999 by Scott Thomas. APMEX.com was launched in 2003 and began trading precious metal coins and bars online.
APMEX buys and sells most precious metal products, especially bars and coins. They carry all U.S. Mint bullion products including gold, silver, platinum, palladium and American Eagles. They also sell many Royal Canadian Mint Products including the gold, silver, platinum and palladium Maple Leafs, as well as Krugerrands of South Africa, and Philharmonics from Austria. Additionally, they make markets in most bullion coins from any other foreign country.
The principals of APMEX are members of the American Numismatic Association and many other industry organizations. They have been quoted as authorities in the precious metal field by such publications as Newsweek[1] and The Wall Street Journal.[2]
APMEX is annually audited by the firm Grant Thornton LLP.

The new home of APMEX in Oklahoma City, OK.
1999 Edmond Coins founded in Edmond, Oklahoma
1999 American Precious Metals Exchange is formed
2003 The website www.APMEX.com goes live
2004 APMEX staff increases to 11 employees
2005 APMEX staff now numbers 19 employees
2006 APMEX outgrows its original location and moves into a much larger facility in Edmond
2007 APMEX staff grows to 53 employees as revenues continue to skyrocket
2008 APMEX ends the year with 62 employees and an even larger facility on the same location
2009 APMEX begins international shipping with first shipments to Canadian customers
2009 APMEX is now represented by JPMorgan Chase as its banker.
2009 APMEX signs with the 5th largest auditing firm in the nation - Grant Thornton LLP
2010 APMEX leases the site of the former Federal Reserve Bank of Oklahoma City as its new home and moves operations to that location. The massive building was constructed in 1922 to Federal Reserve Bank guidelines.
2012 APMEX launches a subsidiary, Citadel that provides high security, private storage

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