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Re: Constant and continual intentional inaccuracies

Very interesting game being played out on IHub RCCH board. 

My "Constant and continual intentional inaccuracies" post was first deleted within 12 minutes of me posting it March 22 on the IHub RCCH board.  Someone is apparently closely monitoring the posts over there and making biased judgments about what is  "on" topic and what is  "off" topic.  The next day my post was reinstated by a different moderator for about half a day then deleted again.  Today I just discovered that my post was reinstated again (when I do not know) for a second time but it is 3 computer screens removed from current postings on the Ihub RCCH message board.

Makes me wonder if the policy over there is to 'bury' posts that don't "conform" to agenda.  It's sad but I guess I should be thankful to the RCCH moderator who is trying to be fair and balanced by letting (LONG position) posts see the light of day.

I started posting on IHub and Investor's Village at the same time because I have a 20% deletion rate over on Ihub. 

I am not the only one who has posts deleted as being  "off topic".  Below are two posts from two different posters that I saw for the first time today.  The two posts are both reinstated posts albeit also buried on the 3 computer screens removed from current postings.

mkunds - (post 104771)

  Are you privy to information we don't have?


I was under the impression RCCH and/or Gene Newton, were there as witness. Could you post the news that Gene is now, or was served with warrant for his criminal deeds? Has he been added to the defendant list?

....How Much Jail Time?

None that I am aware of. How much time does the court system give you for being a witness?

I Assume RCCH will be Gone….

As is the case...ASSume all you want. RCCH is still here even with all the ASSuming that has been going on.

I grow tired of waiting, but I will stay the course. Negativity actually sets me firmer in my beliefs. I am in for the long haul good or bad.

 15for2 - (post 104782)

RCCH-if anybody is a true shareholder, 
they loved that .5002 trade, if not, well then their agenda is showing.

All the above just my opinion.

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