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Well it's BYE - BYE - BYE BIODEL

I've pretty much been the only one posting here since 12/29/2015 when I was loading the proverbial Boat in the high .20's range and ended up with an avg of .27. Since that time, a little over 10 months ago, no one except the "tempestuous" nealhugh with one confrontational post has had anything to say or even had a paltry rec to give.
Well,  I Guess that's OK by me since BIOD has closed it's life in a reverse merger with Albireo Pharma at a closing price of .65 per BIOD share or up about 140% from my original cost basis. Not too shabby for a little over 10 months of holding, watching (a little banging of the table) and no trading at all.
I asked Blue to start up the New ALBO board yesterday and it's been open for posting since this morning and I'm wondering at this point if I'll be the only one over there when ALBO starts it's own climb up. I'm thinking that 140% appreciation will just be the beginning there and maybe some IV'rs  will realize that this (ALBO) is still very much a ground floor investment opportunity with significant appreciation potential.
So, Goodbye BIOD. It's been Grand and Thanks for the GOOD TIMES and the prosperity that you've brought me.
Too Bad that we couldn't take any other IV'rs on here with us...
Over and Out. God Bless and Best to All.

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