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Omega 3's protect our DNA from oxidative stress in new study

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Celebrating International Women's Day
Dr. Carol Locke

Spotlighting our founder, Dr. Locke, current Chief Science and Innovation Officer at OmegaBrite, and her pioneering work in omega-3's and women’s empowerment.

From her early work in Fiji, Dr. Locke has had a core belief, that health is not the lack of disease, but so much more. That out there in nature is the key to unlocking our health, to unlocking our DNA. That out there is the key to rewinding our biological clock, to unleashing new powers of cognition. We just have to find it.

It is that belief that drives her. "I didn't finish high school. I had to work to support myself. I went to community college, then U.C. Berkeley, then Harvard Medical School, always taking the next step. I look for every way I can to help people take that next step," Dr. Locke says.

While on faculty at Harvard Medical School involved in the study of omega-3’s, the project that came out was on omega-3’s for bipolar disorder. Women began to write and call Dr. Locke, asking, “what can we take?” They wanted something for their families, their partners, and for themselves. There was fish oil out there, but it wasn’t concentrated or formulated for mood and inflammation.

At that point, I knew, I knew I could make that for them, not only what they wanted but what they really needed: an omega-3 formulated for them that would actually work to increase mood and decrease inflammation,” Dr Locke says.

She formulated the first high concentrate omega-3 for the public—OmegaBrite 7010 MDa high EPA formula specifically focused on inflammation, which underlies so many diseases. Her pioneering work in omega-3's helped countless people struggling with mood, stress, focus, and inflammation, and spurred a wealth of research at top universities and hospitals on her formulation, OmegaBrite 7010 MD, research that continues today, with new findings that came out last month on how OmegaBrite 7010 MD protects our DNA from oxidative stress.

She believes that science desperately needs more women and the brilliant insight and innovation they bring and that women and girls need to feel empowered and able to pursue science.

Women in science

While on the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard Kennedy School of Government for over a decade, Dr. Locke worked to promote gender equity and women’s leadership. Under her leadership, OmegaBrite, with its partner Science Club for Girls, sponsored a class of girls focused on STEM from kindergarten through high school.

Dr. Locke continues her mission of empowering women through focusing efforts to support the REACH program at Harvard Medical School and helping women in impoverished nations start their own micro-businesses, fostering women’s independence and control over their lives.

Girls in science

Dr. Locke's advice is to push for your dreams and your vision, and take the next step. For women specifically, it's to also take an omega-3 every day since heart disease is women's No. 1 cause of death and stress impacts our mood, our cognition, and our ability to achieve our goals, more now during the pandemic than ever before.

Take the next step.

In health,

The OmegaBrite Team

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