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Re: $64,000 question no one can answer

 I find it surprising that anyone would rec a post like this.
"""yet stays invested to the hilt in his favorite company to bash.""""
Funny statement coming from the nastiest poster that I have run across in years on boards like this..  Btw, just so you know I sold 40% of my position back in mid March and April.  If you want the price go look at where this stock traded at that time and yes I did post this in real time..and no I haven't bought most of those shares back yet...just a couple traders....
""" He’s got some kind of battered wife syndrome."""
Funny thing here is that you might be the person with this problem not me... 
"""" he insists had 50 drugs stolen from them and won’t invest in the company that got the “stolen” drugs?"""
The time to make a long term position is when you see development not when they announce a deal.. Don't forget I made over $10 a share on that quick trade of BIIB back when I announced it and you set here still waiting to get to a nice number.
Clearly that deal was exactly what I called it back when it was done its a poison pill and is probably why we haven't had a buyout just as Stan mentioned in his comments at the time... 
Buyout being discussed with someone but he didn't want that thus a deal that has us struggling instead of perhaps sold for a triple digit number...  

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