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Re: Jetman take a look at ARNA

Yes, a buying opp, right ?
The company thinks so. Over the last 6 quarters they have bought back over 10 percent of shares. Today they authorized a new buyback plan that would allow for them, at today's prices or lower, to buy back another 20+ percent.
How much money has ions returned to shareholders. Oh wait, they actually diluted shareholders by 10 percent over the last few quarters. Opps, going the wrong way.
But hey, that's all short term stuff. I'm sure ions has been a better investment for shareholders than LGND over the longer term. NOT! Ten years ago they both were trading at about the same price per share. Not to mention the fact that LGND shareholders got the opportunity to sell at 250 a share.
I took advantage of that opportunity and now I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.
Thanks for reminding me jman that it's time to buy more. I had gotten busy with other stocks that needed selling like roku and had missed the new lows.

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