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Re: Petrobras update

think they wanted too clarify the possible confusion with the New Tech PR and investors concerns on how it may effect the Petrobras MOU.

Seems like what WHD wants for figure 4 was/is in the MOU--and from todays PR--"The terms and conditions of the possible transaction have already been discussed by Petrobras and West Hawk".  Now it is just a matter of Petrobras excepting or countering after reviewing all the DD data which should be compiled now.  JMO but Petrobras probably had an idea of what WHD wanted before the June PR--and it is probably a good deal for a big company like Petrobras considering the initial data--and they decided to go to the next step of the process --I think it is highly likely a deal will go down--the question is at what $$ and %--Just a guess but  it will be worth more or at least as much to the market cap as the recent PP price compared to outstanding share count--and insiders bought the recent PP IMO at .3-.35 and one insider bought at .4 on the open market a few weeks ago-- management loaded the boat--at .3-.4.  IMO likely a deal will be worth at least this if these guys are loading the boat and also throwing down some of there own money in this price range.  

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