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The following message was updated on 11/24/2020 1:21:26 AM.

Stand Pat Day; Close $0.285; 326k; SVA is a bargain :)

Mr. House Positions:
Yes, it was good that the local CTV station in London, Ontario (birthplace of Insulin by Banting and Best) took an interest in Sernova and it's formidable functional cure for diabetes. I repeat the link below.
The interview mirrored the last news release being very low key and non-promotional. This allows some upside later once details are released. "When?" is always a valid question to which I have no answer. That said, the three months extension for the warrants suggests imminently. Once we are more than a week into December, I don't expect much to happen. Further, with Thursday being American Thanksgiving, we have another dead spot in the timeline. That leaves a few weeks in January only. "Tempus Fugit".
Regarding a cure for diabetes, at present, there are treatments only. There is no cure for diabetes.
The results from the five cohorts with The Pouch are World First and World Class. It is the closest yet to a cure and the world needs something this good as diabetes is a bigger health problem overall than COVID-19 (even though the latter is getting all the press... new kid on the block).
Big Pharma is figuratively like a supertanker. It is slow to change direction, but once changing, it is slow to do another change. My take is Sernova is just now being noticed (from the results) and Big Pharma is starting to change direction. Once that happens, it will be like a stampede as many then want to climb on the bandwagon even though at present, seemingly, none are.
Sernova isn't a one trick pony. As a minimum, Sernova has five tricks up its sleeve: a functional cure for 1) diabetes, 2) hemophilia A, 3) thyroid disease, 4) possibly several other human ailments like Parkinson's and 5) how to avoid using immunosuppression.
Considering that Vertex swallowed SEMMA for U$950 million (C$4 to $5/SVA share) where SEMMA didn't even have diabetes nailed down and there were no tests on people, Sernova looks like a $$$$$ bargain at that price.
Today, the computers were busy, but Integral Wealth (017) was up to the task to add some sanity to SVA's market trades. Further, 017 seems to not need to trade near as many shares as Mackie (083) did to keep order (which Mackie was usually unable to do). Funny, 017 is like a policeman handing out speeding tickets and is successful at keeping the speeders inline, which I really like!
Even though the general markets were firm, the best SVA could do was stand pat. It closed at $0.285 on a decent 326k (132k Germany; 37k US).
V:SVA - Sernova Corp. - EST
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
SVA - V2.00.28·0.28530.50.285326.193800.29 0.09515:59:07Nov 1815 min RT 2¢
TSX-V - V2.00.28·0.28530.50.285245.370480.29 0.09515:59:0715 min
NEO ATS - U0.28-0.005-1.846.513150.29 0.290.2814:01:5215 min
Omega - O0.28-0.005-1.87.0250.28 0.280.2814:54:5215 min
Chi-X - X0.28510.0320.2850.2850.28512:27:4615 min
CX2 - H0.28517.0560.29 0.290.28514:02:0215 min
TriAct - M0.2850.44Sep 10 11:52:3215 min
Trade times are ET. News times are ET. Bid/ask/vol sizes in thousands.
Recent Trades - Last 10 of 80
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:59:07V0.2858,00013 Instinet80 National BankK
15:59:05V0.28-0.0051,50017 Integral1 AnonymousK
15:09:09V0.2851,50017 Integral80 National BankK
15:06:23V0.28-0.0051,50017 Integral1 AnonymousK
14:54:53V0.28510,0002 RBC80 National BankK
14:54:52O0.28-0.0051,0001 Anonymous1 AnonymousK
14:54:52O0.28-0.0051,5001 Anonymous1 AnonymousK
14:54:52V0.28510,0002 RBC80 National BankK
14:54:51V0.28510,0002 RBC80 National BankK
14:54:50V0.28510,0002 RBC80 National BankK
All 48 trades TSXV:
11/23/2020 3:59 PM EST0.2858000TSXV1380
11/23/2020 3:59 PM EST0.281500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 3:09 PM EST0.2851500TSXV1780
11/23/2020 3:06 PM EST0.281500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 2:54 PM EST0.28510000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:54 PM EST0.28510000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:54 PM EST0.28510000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:54 PM EST0.28510000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:54 PM EST0.28510000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:54 PM EST0.28510000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:47 PM EST0.2851000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:32 PM EST0.285500TSXV1780
11/23/2020 2:02 PM EST0.2852000TSXV00280
11/23/2020 2:01 PM EST0.281000TSXV002001
11/23/2020 2:01 PM EST0.288000TSXV002002
11/23/2020 2:01 PM EST0.281000TSXV002002
11/23/2020 1:58 PM EST0.287000TSXV001002
11/23/2020 1:56 PM EST0.281500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 1:08 PM EST0.281500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 1:08 PM EST0.2854500TSXV00180
11/23/2020 1:04 PM EST0.28520000TSXV00180
11/23/2020 1:03 PM EST0.2856500TSXV00980
11/23/2020 1:01 PM EST0.28519000TSXV00780
11/23/2020 12:43 PM EST0.281500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 12:43 PM EST0.281000TSXV007007
11/23/2020 12:27 PM EST0.2852000TSXV1780
11/23/2020 12:10 PM EST0.285500TSXV17002
11/23/2020 12:10 PM EST0.2851500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 11:38 AM EST0.295000TSXV8585
11/23/2020 11:27 AM EST0.29500TSXV17007
11/23/2020 11:17 AM EST0.29500TSXV17007
11/23/2020 11:17 AM EST0.2851000TSXV17001
11/23/2020 11:17 AM EST0.285500TSXV17001
11/23/2020 9:53 AM EST0.29500TSXV17007
11/23/2020 9:37 AM EST0.298000TSXV009007
11/23/2020 9:37 AM EST0.291000TSXV009001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM ESTE0.29250TSXV8559
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.29500TSXV009001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.294500TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.2910000TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.2919000TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.2910000TSXV8813
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.2910000TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.295000TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.296000TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.298000TSXV88001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.292000TSXV009001
11/23/2020 9:30 AM EST0.29500TSXV8585

Sent: 11/23/2020 4:36:06 PM
Subject: RE: Sernova on CTV News from London, Ontario

Great that CTV is giving Sernova a little air time, at least for the retail investor.
Is Big Pharma totally uninterested in Sernova's offering? Are there that many Cures around for Diabetes?
Today's numbers:

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