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The following message was updated on 9/19/2020 1:36:29 AM.

Homing Pigeon; Close $0.27 again; 348k

Mr. House Positions:
The continual friendship of SVA in the 27 to 28 cent area is actually bullish rather than stuck as in "Velcroed there"... Think of it as Pigeons coming Home to Roost (Homing Pigeon). 
In truth, I think this recent share price jockeying has to do with the present above market price PP at three thin dimes, which we are likely to hear the conclusion of next week. 
Something is incongruous with the PP. I have no idea what it is, but I am sure Sernova does. This is especially so since the company was approached rather than the usual way of approaching investors! Further, one would have expected a pop in the share price with the announcement, but it didn't happen... Manipulators trying to dampen what seemed to be excellent news?? In addition, the warrants are two years only and callable unlike last year's PP with three year warrants and not callable. That said, a dollar in the till by whatever means is still a dollar that Sernova didn't have. 
Considering that the general markets were weak today, SVA's close at $0.27 on 348k (77k Germany; 5k US) is a small victory for we long suffering shareholders. 
001, 002 and 007 were showing significant talent by kiting shares back and forth to each other rather than one being a sell standout and another a buy standout. 
V:SVA - Sernova Corp. - http://www.sernova.com/00:37:15 EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
SVA - V10.00.265· 0.09515:58:21Sep 1015 min RT 2¢
TSX-V - V10.00.265· 0.09515:58:2115 min
NEO ATS - U0.265-0.005-1.970.019130.27 0.270.26514:47:4015 min
Alpha - A0.275.6130.265 0.27 0.26515:56:0315 min
Omega - O0.275.5230.265 0.27 0.26515:56:4515 min
Chi-X - X0.271.0010.27 0.270.2712:11:0815 min
CX2 - H0.265-0.005-1.910.5330.27 0.270.26513:56:5715 min
TriAct - M0.270.402Sep 10 11:52:3215 min
Trade times are ET. News times are ET. Bid/ask/vol sizes in thousands.
Recent Trades - Last 10 of 49
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:58:21V0.2710,0007 TD Sec1 AnonymousK
15:57:22V0.273,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:56:45O0.272,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:56:03A0.272,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:50:51O0.271,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:50:51V0.265-0.0055,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:50:08V0.265-0.0059,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:49:07V0.265-0.0054,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:48:19V0.265-0.0055,00059 PI1 AnonymousK
15:47:59V0.265-0.0059,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
All 24 TSXV Trades:
09/18/2020 3:58 PM EDT0.2710000TSXV007001
09/18/2020 3:57 PM EDT0.273000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 3:50 PM EDT0.2655000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 3:50 PM EDT0.2659000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 3:49 PM EDT0.2654000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 3:48 PM EDT0.2655000TSXV59001
09/18/2020 3:47 PM EDT0.2659000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 3:08 PM EDT0.271000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 3:08 PM EDT0.26518000TSXV8583
09/18/2020 2:19 PM EDT0.279000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 1:56 PM EDT0.26512500TSXV00279
09/18/2020 1:56 PM EDT0.26510000TSXV8379
09/18/2020 1:20 PM EDT0.278000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 12:11 PM EDT0.274000TSXV85001
09/18/2020 10:09 AM EDT0.277000TSXV83007
09/18/2020 10:07 AM EDT0.2713000TSXV83007
09/18/2020 10:07 AM EDT0.272000TSXV83007
09/18/2020 10:07 AM EDT0.2714000TSXV83007
09/18/2020 9:36 AM EDT0.27520000TSXV001124
09/18/2020 9:35 AM EDT0.27526500TSXV001001
09/18/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2755000TSXV00185
09/18/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.27548500TSXV001002
09/18/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2751500TSXV007002
09/18/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.27510000TSXV007001


Sent: 9/18/2020 4:29:16 PM
Subject: SVA Looks to be Stuck! Candlesticks = nothing, Indicators = neutral.

Have a terrific weekend... 
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