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The following message was updated on 9/10/2020 1:13:20 AM.

Sernova PP; $$$; Close $0.28 on 213k :)

Some colour on today's PP news... as most know, my absence with posts has been driven by substantial renovations on the house from top to bottom on the outside. That said, I have been in contact periodically with Mr. House Positions... read on...
Mr. House Positions:
Firstly, on the renovations front, the remedial work for the newly installed light weight tile roof was completed today and the company paid in full. The visuals are terrific.
On Saturday, the stucco work was completed without incident. What a stellar job! The company was paid in full.
The Duradek remedial work to the original install happens this coming Monday. 
The driveway work starts Tuesday, or Wednesday.
Yes, RSI & Slow Stochastics indicators and today's candle are suggesting good things to come... Could it be today's news of $$$ in the till 🤔🙊🙈🙉
Today's non-brokered above market share price PP was a complete surprise.
At first blush... Whaaaat.... on second look... They went to Sernova AND how do you do a PP above the trading price, especially for a penny junior?
This suggests that Sernova's holding back on news was, at least in part, to get the PP done. Above market price suggests something with money is in the works, but it will need several months more to complete... The participants know this. I now view the PP very positively.
Some knew a PP was coming and posted so recently on Stockhouse, i.e. the BB's knew. If the BB's knew at least some Houses knew, or had a very good idea, which is why on every attempt at a rally it was pushed back. We saw that in July 2019..
The SVA markets are bewildered by the news. Just 213k (17k Germany; 5k US) saw SVA rise a full cent, yes, really, to close at $0.28. True, the general markets were firm so maybe a rising tide lifts all boats...
Today, many 500 lot trades yet again suggesting the computers were overheating... 001 and friends were trying the kiting trick, but few noticed.
Sernova must now use some news bullets that are compelling to move the share price up. Keep in mind there's likely to be more selling than Sernova is expecting, especially if the news is ho hum. I have maintained for quite some time that some entity is trying to hold SVA back... It might be about starving SVA for money... We now wait for some blow your socks off news to justify this unexpected cash in the till.... Next week would seem to be a fitting time to start...
It's Sernova's time to show its strategy is right and to walk the walk. We wait.
V:SVA - Sernova Corp. - EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
SVA - V21.00.27· 0.09515:59:5712:3015 min RT 2¢
TSX-V - V21.00.27· 0.09515:58:5615 min
NEO ATS - U0.28+0.013.733.5950.27 0.280.2715:59:5715 min
Alpha - A0.28+ 0.280.2810:14:4015 min
Omega - O0.28+ 0.280.2715:58:5615 min
CX2 - H0.28+0.013.712.8330.27 0.280.2715:58:5615 min
TriAct - M0.270.502Sep 08 12:15:4215 min
Trade times are ET. News times are ET. Bid/ask/vol sizes in thousands.
Recent Trades - Last 10 of 47
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:59:57M0.280.012501 Anonymous2 RBCE
15:59:57U0.280.0110,0002 RBC1 AnonymousK
15:58:56O0.280.015002 RBC1 AnonymousK
15:58:56H0.280.015002 RBC1 AnonymousK
15:58:56V0.280.014,0002 RBC79 CIBCK
15:58:56V0.280.0114,0002 RBC1 AnonymousK
15:58:56V0.280.015002 RBC2 RBCK
15:58:56U0.280.015002 RBC1 AnonymousK
15:11:36V0.2750.00513,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
15:03:51V0.2750.0053009 BMO Nesbitt59 PI
All 34 TSXV Trades:
09/09/2020 3:58 PM EDT0.284000TSXV00279
09/09/2020 3:58 PM EDT0.2814000TSXV002001
09/09/2020 3:58 PM EDT0.28500TSXV002002
09/09/2020 3:11 PM EDT0.27513000TSXV85001
09/09/2020 3:03 PM EDTE0.275300TSXV00959
09/09/2020 3:03 PM EDT0.2752000TSXV009001
09/09/2020 2:30 PM EDT0.2755000TSXV009007
09/09/2020 2:07 PM EDT0.2754000TSXV00989
09/09/2020 1:58 PM EDT0.282000TSXV79001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 1:37 PM EDT0.28500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 12:59 PM EDT0.27525000TSXV009002
09/09/2020 11:27 AM EDT0.281500TSXV79001
09/09/2020 11:27 AM EDT0.2751500TSXV79143
09/09/2020 11:26 AM EDTE0.275100TSXV8859
09/09/2020 11:26 AM EDT0.275500TSXV88143
09/09/2020 11:26 AM EDT0.27513000TSXV83143
09/09/2020 10:14 AM EDTE0.28300TSXV00759
09/09/2020 9:42 AM EDT0.279000TSXV79007
09/09/2020 9:42 AM EDT0.2753500TSXV85007

09/09/2020 9:33 AM EDT0.2756500TSXV85009
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2753500TSXV85009
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2756000TSXV85001
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.27500TSXV85001
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDTE0.27250TSXV7959
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.271000TSXV001001
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.27500TSXV79001
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.276000TSXV007001
09/09/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2730000TSXV85001

Sent: 9/9/2020 4:22:22 PM
Subject: A small hint from a couple of indicators (RSI & Slow Stochastics)

AND UP ONE CENT ... Could this be a Turning Point

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