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Re: Echelon on Sernova, 4 August 2020 - Comment :)

SVA and three thin dimes... easy come, easy go... SVA closed at $0.29 on 216k (52k Germany; 1,500 shares in one trade US ) , BUT 001 and 002 were messing around on the alternate exchanges at the end of the day.
Bullish one day, bearish the next... what to say while we wait for news? Only The Computers and The Goon Squad know for sure... maybe...
The following excerpt at the very end from Doug Loe's (Echelon's) latest and scientifically oriented epistle on Sernova has finally been picked up by social media. (I use Stockhouse as the example.) I have been quiet on this, but effectively it says that some (or all) of the FDA trial cohorts no longer need insulin. Sernova has not released this publicly, but this is HUGE.
"... Though our Cell Pouch valuation is based on three distinct regenerative medicine markets (insulin-dependent type I/II diabetes, Factor VII supplementation in hemophilia A, thyroxine supplementation in post-thyroidectomy patients), we are primarily focused in the near-term on patient outcomes in the University of Chicago-based clinical trial for which early patient outcomes (sustainability of blood glucose homeostasis post-Cell Pouch implantation without exogenous insulin supplementation has been observe in early cases) have been highly encouraging."
In Echelon's epistle, it also notes what a seemingly similar avoidance of immunosuppression went for U$1.5 billion. Sernova has so many tricks in its bag, it is hard to keep track of them all.
V:SVA - Sernova Corp. - EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
SVA - V34.50.285·0.29515.00.29-0.01-3.3216.364460.2950.30 0.290.35 0.09515:54:20Aug 0415 min RT 2¢
TSX-V - V34.50.285·0.29515.00.29-0.01-3.3108.032190.2950.30 0.290.35 0.09515:46:1415 min
NEO ATS - U0.29-0.01-3.399.529210.30 0.30 0.2915:54:2015 min
Alpha - A0.300.201Aug 05 12:21:2415 min
Chi-X - X0.295-0.005-1.77.0210.2950.2950.29510:14:1715 min
CX2 - H0.295-0.005-1.71.0010.2950.2950.29510:14:1715 min
TriAct - M0.300.603Aug 06 09:36:5515 min
Trade times are ET. News times are ET. Bid/ask/vol sizes in thousands.
Recent Trades - Last 10 of 46
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:54:20M0.29-0.011802 RBC1 AnonymousE
15:54:20U0.29-0.0110,0001 Anonymous2 RBCK
15:54:20U0.29-0.012,5002 RBC2 RBCK
15:48:03M0.29-0.014082 RBC1 AnonymousE
15:48:03U0.29-0.012,5001 Anonymous2 RBCK
15:48:03U0.29-0.0110,5001 Anonymous2 RBCK
15:48:03U0.29-0.012,5002 RBC2 RBCK
15:48:03U0.29-0.014,0002 RBC2 RBCK
15:48:03U0.29-0.012,5002 RBC2 RBCK
15:46:14V0.29-0.0114,0001 Anonymous1 AnonymousK
All 19 TSXV Trades Today:
08/11/2020 3:46 PM EDT0.2914000TSXV001001
08/11/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.293000TSXV001007
08/11/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.293000TSXV001007
08/11/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.292000TSXV001007
08/11/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.291000TSXV83007
08/11/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.293000TSXV83007
08/11/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.293000TSXV007007
08/11/2020 3:02 PM EDT0.2954000TSXV85009
08/11/2020 11:59 AM EDT0.2952000TSXV80009
08/11/2020 11:56 AM EDT0.292000TSXV007007
08/11/2020 10:14 AM EDT0.295500TSXV002009
08/11/2020 10:14 AM EDT0.2955000TSXV007009
08/11/2020 10:14 AM EDT0.29520000TSXV83009
08/11/2020 10:14 AM EDT0.29513000TSXV007009
08/11/2020 9:37 AM EDT0.305000TSXV007001
08/11/2020 9:37 AM EDT0.3025000TSXV007007
08/11/2020 9:30 AM EDTE0.295300TSXV59007
08/11/2020 9:30 AM EDTE0.30150TSXV7959
08/11/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2952000TSXV007007

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