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Msg  670 of 691  at  7/30/2020 11:35:49 PM  by


The following message was updated on 7/30/2020 11:36:59 PM.

Lazy, Hazy Summer's Day; close $0.275; 123k

Mr. House Positions:
Today's trading was sort of like that song... "Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer..." where the interested parties in SVA, including the computers, closed up early and went out to enjoy themselves!
The (bearish) close was $0.275 on a very modest 123k (anyone remember the spreadsheet program Lotus 123?) with 148k in Germany and 500 shares, really, "500" in the US. 001, 002 and 007 tried to generate some interest, but gave it up as a bad job.
So, news will have to wait until next week at the earliest. The markets are not suggesting anything tomorrow being the Friday before Canada's long weekend.
V:SVA - Sernova Corp. - EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
SVA - V 54.00.27·0.2757.00.275-0.01-3.5121.934230.285 0.285 0.270.35 0.09515:24:11Jul 1615 min RT 2¢
TSX-V - V54.00.27·0.2757.00.275-0.01-3.580.022110.285 0.285 0.2750.35 0.09515:24:1115 min
NEO ATS - U 0.28-0.005-1.841.511110.285 0.285 0.2714:14:2715 min
Alpha - A 0.2850.401 Jul 29 11:11:2415 min
Trade times are ET. News times are ET. Bid/ask/vol sizes in thousands.
Recent Trades - Last 10 of 23
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:24:11V0.275-0.012,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
14:14:27U0.28-0.00510,0009 BMO Nesbitt1 AnonymousK
13:48:37U0.27-0.0152,0002 RBC53 Morgan StanleyK
13:48:37U0.27-0.01512,0001 Anonymous53 Morgan StanleyK
13:48:37V0.275-0.016,0001 Anonymous53 Morgan StanleyK
13:28:08V0.28-0.005117 TD Sec59 PI
13:28:08V0.28-0.0051,0007 TD Sec1 AnonymousK
13:21:02U0.275-0.015001 Anonymous2 RBCK
13:21:02U0.275-0.015001 Anonymous2 RBCK
13:21:02U0.275-0.012,5001 Anonymous2 RBCK
All 11 Trades TSXV:
07/30/2020 3:24 PM EDT0.2752000TSXV85001
07/30/2020 1:48 PM EDT0.2756000TSXV00153
07/30/2020 1:28 PM EDTE0.2811TSXV00759
07/30/2020 1:28 PM EDT0.281000TSXV007001
07/30/2020 1:21 PM EDT0.2755000TSXV001124
07/30/2020 1:21 PM EDT0.27510500TSXV001001
07/30/2020 12:00 PM EDT0.2757500TSXV88001
07/30/2020 12:00 PM EDT0.27517500TSXV88001
07/30/2020 11:54 AM EDT0.27510000TSXV88007
07/30/2020 10:10 AM EDT0.2820000TSXV83007
07/30/2020 9:35 AM EDT0.285500TSXV001001

Sent: 7/30/2020 4:25:41 PM
Subject: Carry on Nurse
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