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Msg  669 of 690  at  7/29/2020 11:52:01 PM  by


Closed up a cent to $0.285, but Candle Bearish

Mr. House Positions:
So sorry that Mother Nature's electrons interfered with your utility power supplied ones. As long as you didn't get struck, no hail damage, or flooding, she'll be right mate!
Regarding the renovations "we" will be the project managers and coordinate the different trades. She used to build houses so she knows the drill and the contractors.
SVA opened gap up to $0.295, but was beaten back to close at $0.285 on 345k (61k Germany; 28k US) . The end result is a meaningless bearish candle.
V:SVA - Sernova Corp. - EDT
Sym-XBid - AskLastChg%ChVol$Vol#TrOpen-Hi-LoYear Hi-LoLast TrNewsDelay
SVA - V4.00.285·0.2918.00.285+0.013.6345.0100820.2950.295 0.280.35 0.09515:35:56Jul 1615 min RT 2¢
TSX-V - V4.00.285·0.2918.00.285+0.013.6237.169380.2950.295 0.280.35 0.09515:35:5615 min
NEO ATS - U0.28+0.0051.844.513130.2950.295 0.2815:19:4315 min
Alpha - A0.285+0.013.632.1960.2850.2950.28511:11:2415 min
Omega - O0.285+ min
Chi-X - X0.295+0.027.319.5640.2950.2950.29513:22:3215 min
CX2 - H0.285+0.013.610.23170.29 0.290.28514:40:1415 min
TriAct - M0.2750.603Jul 17 14:29:4815 min
Trade times are ET. News times are ET. Bid/ask/vol sizes in thousands.
Recent Trades - Last 10 of 82
Time ETExPriceChangeVolumeBuyerSellerMarkers
15:35:56V0.2850.014,00083 Mackie1 AnonymousK
15:28:25V0.2850.0115,00083 Mackie79 CIBCK
15:28:25V0.2850.011,5007 TD Sec79 CIBCK
15:28:25V0.2850.015002 RBC79 CIBCK
15:28:25V0.280.0054,0001 Anonymous79 CIBCK
15:19:46V0.2850.015,00083 Mackie79 CIBCK
15:19:43M0.280.0051502 RBC1 AnonymousE
15:19:43V0.280.0052,5002 RBC2 RBCK
15:19:43U0.280.0054,0002 RBC2 RBCK
15:19:43U0.280.0052,0002 RBC2 RBCK
All 38 TSXV Trades:
07/29/2020 3:35 PM EDT0.2854000TSXV83001
07/29/2020 3:28 PM EDT0.284000TSXV00179
07/29/2020 3:28 PM EDT0.285500TSXV00279
07/29/2020 3:28 PM EDT0.2851500TSXV00779
07/29/2020 3:28 PM EDT0.28515000TSXV8379
07/29/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.2855000TSXV8379
07/29/2020 3:19 PM EDT0.282500TSXV002002
07/29/2020 2:40 PM EDT0.2859000TSXV8379
07/29/2020 2:13 PM EDT0.2851000TSXV8379
07/29/2020 1:48 PM EDT0.29525000TSXV00779
07/29/2020 1:48 PM EDT0.29512000TSXV007007
07/29/2020 12:08 PM EDT0.298000TSXV00779
07/29/2020 11:53 AM EDTE0.295475TSXV00759
07/29/2020 11:53 AM EDT0.2958000TSXV007007
07/29/2020 11:11 AM EDT0.292000TSXV33007
07/29/2020 10:54 AM EDT0.292500TSXV3388
07/29/2020 10:24 AM EDT0.2910000TSXV83007
07/29/2020 10:10 AM EDT0.2958500TSXV83007
07/29/2020 9:43 AM EDT0.2951500TSXV8359
07/29/2020 9:32 AM EDTE0.285300TSXV5985
07/29/2020 9:31 AM EDT0.2852500TSXV00185
07/29/2020 9:31 AM EDT0.2855000TSXV00185
07/29/2020 9:31 AM EDT0.2855000TSXV00185
07/29/2020 9:31 AM EDT0.2854000TSXV1385
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDTE0.295200TSXV00959

07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDTE0.295111TSXV8059
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2951500TSXV009001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2956000TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2956000TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2957500TSXV80007
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2954000TSXV8013
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.29510000TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.29510000TSXV8033
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.29512000TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2953500TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2954000TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.29533000TSXV80001
07/29/2020 9:30 AM EDT0.2952000TSXV80001

Sent: 7/29/2020 5:23:39 PM
Subject: RE: Going Incognito

Sorry for the delay, but some wicked thunderstorms going on for the last hr or so.
I'm excited for you with your major reno project. It is super easy to get stressed out during the whole affair. Ideally you know and trust the contractor and it doesn't become an adversarial relationship. It's a joint project for a win-win outcome.
As for SVA, It will take care of it self, come what may. And it should play out well, without day to day tending. Best to spend your energy on your new project.
Two years from now you will look back and realize that the time spent focused on your reno has paid off with great satisfaction and the time spent fretting over SVA yielded a fleeting result in comparison.
Best advice: Breathe deeply, know what you want, convey that to your contractor, and know that there will have to be some compromises by both parties. Pick your battles wisely.
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