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Rats Leaving a Seaworthy Ship? Close $1.23; 409k

It looks like Sernova's going to purposely keep shareholders in the dark until it reveals "Something" whenever that will be. 
Sernova keeps saying it has so much going on. It keeps saying it is working on deals and the latest pharmaceutical stuff that's better than the invention of sliced bread... But, nada. nothing, zippo from the company. 
Sernova's backed itself into a corner. By not issuing any news it's setting itself up for a possible share price plunge at some point because of the information vacuum. Further, Sernova needs to understand that most news has little to no effect on the share price, which I have shown and posted. (However, positive news of any kind will help to avoid a share price plunge when nothing as substantial as a deal is forthcoming. Getting Sernova's name in front of investors and shareholders is always important... far better than an information vacuum. Any publicity is always better than no publicity.)
The nub is, Sernova has put all its cards into one basket: "The Lets Make a Deal" Basket. If nothing is forthcoming and very soon... We are talking a very few weeks at best, then Sernova's rolling the dice with a possible share price plunge. Many, including myself, have indicated that they need to lighten their position due to various factors including a liquidity squeeze (my case).
I know Sernova has "World First & World Class" plus "this and that", but nothing, nada, zippo. Despite all the news, presentations and hints, Sernova has said only in a concrete manner that One Cohort Only has been insulin free since JC was in knee pants. Everything else is a hint, or innuendo. That means Sernova must Walk the Walk and very soon, period. It has done it to itself. 
Personally, I can hang in there until about American Thanksgiving - end of November, but then shares must be sold and obligations met. I suspect others are in the same boat. Frustration doesn't begin to express my true feelings on what has been publicly told and what investors and shareholders are NOT being been fed. 
I know Sernova has the (scientific) goods. However, dragging something on the business side across the finish line is seemingly wishful thinking so far compared with that "Done Deal". Will I wait? Yes, but the weeks are now being counted. Can Sernova deliver, or is it just ongoing talk? Time will tell. 
SVA closed at $1.23, with seemingly more rats leaving a seaworthy ship amongst the computer trading, on a modest 409k. (The "409 cubic inch" was a good GM hot rod engine in the 1960's.) Germany traded 129k and the US 19k. News of any kind this week would appear to be out of the question. 
Compared with the pharmaceutical group I watch SVA fared poorly today save for two standouts that did worse: "Sigilon and Ocugen". 
The Level II at the Close shows thinness save a few large-ish Buy and Sell sandbags. The Daily Chart shows the share price swoon (on no news). 
We wait while we count the weeks to American Thanksgiving... 

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