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Monday Trading Noise Swoon; Close $1.24; 375k

Mr. House Positions:
Hmm... A Boa Constrictor string bean... Now, that's some different Chart Critter! 
The General Markets continued their sortie into record territory. 
SVA made a Monday "Trading Noise Swoon" closing at $1.24 on a modest, no news, 375k (180k Germany; 60k US). 
Today was, yet again, about computers and algorithmic trading. An earlier post noted the "K" trading (Dark Pools) with half cents increments both unavailable to the retail crowd. At the close, one should note the "100" share, ongoing 15:59:59 trading by CIBC (079) and friends. I credit Mackie (Research Capital "083") doing decent buying late in the day, which stalled the "near the close" goon squad attack. 
The Level II at the close & Daily Chart show where SVA ended up and how it got there including the attempt to sell down near the close. Thanks again to "083" for being the biggest buyer (done near the close no less) to stem the waterfall attempt.  
Sernova knows that investors and interested parties are waiting on news. It's up to Sernova now to "Walk the Walk" with "Something". I believe Sernova will and soonish, but that doesn't make me right as I have been wrong so often before. I apologize for my ongoing enthusiasm that has yet to be fully realized.  
Compared with the other pharmaceuticals, SVA fared poorly save for Novartis, the worst of the bunch, nuff said. 
We wait some more! 

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Subject: Our Bollinger Band Squeeze "Chart Critter" is starting to look...
more and more like a piece of string...

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