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Cash for new phase 3

Enyedy sounded quite angry on the call. I believe they truly felt they have worked closely with the fda and deserved better based on precedents, compelling data for high and unmet need.

In any event they are grin and bearing the result and ready to move on. New phase 3 is the plan and the major questions were when start, what is anticipated costs and can they afford it.

Enyedy said they have more than sufficient cash for trial.

Expect trial to start this year in which he said would have a high probability of success

Enyedy said they will do a corporate review.

So I think the forward 2 combo trials complete that will be it. Perhaps they will sell off license in some of the early partnerships or wait to see results from ASH and discuss opt in with Jazz.

They may also do a rest of world deal and have that partner fund the study. I doubt it though as imgn should be greedy on the potential 1.6 billion in sales for the high folate EOC patients.

In any event, it is a major setback in their ability to generate any consistent revenues.

Who knows, they could also just outright sell the company but that most likely wouldn’t happen until ASH data released.

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