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world wide patents

February 4, 2005

RESSOURCES MINIÈRES PRO-OR INC. is proud to announce that the construction of its pilot plant is completed. During the next few weeks, the plant will be used to evaluate the metallurgical technical and financial performance of the 2 new processes 100%-owned by Pro-Or and under worldwide patent protection. The design and construction of the plant were realized by the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (« INRS »), Phytronix Technologies and Johnston-Vermette Inc.

The chromite-enrichment process results in reaching unprecedented chromite levels compared to currently available technologies and produces ferrochrome, grading more than 90% Cr, as well as giving the possibility of directly using enriched chromite in stainless steel production. The pilot plant will be supplied in chromite ore from Pro-Or’s Ménarik-James Bay property which contains one of North America’s largest platinum rich chromite ore bodies.

The Platinum Group Element (PGE) extraction process allows the treatment of refractory geological matrices and PGE-rich industrial waste without using expensive pyrometallurgical techniques. This process opens up the possibility of production from small- to medium–sized PGE bodies which have remained until now undevelopped due to the absence of low-cost extraction methods.

The plant incorporates a number of novel elements such as the use of corrosion-resistant materials, gaz circuits with specific component real-time monitoring. Pro-Or should soon file new patent applications for this exclusive design which can easily be scaled-up to much higher tonnage.

Pro-Or’s management wishes to advise the reader that photos of the plant will be available for viewing on its Internet site as of Wednesday February 9, 2005. (

April 16, 2004

PRO-OR-MENARIK PROJECT: Design stage of the pilot plant completed
Montreal, April 16, 2004- Ressources Minières Pro-Or Inc. is pleased to announce that INRS (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique ) in collaboration with Phytronix Technologies and Johnston-Vermette have completed the design of the chromite enrichment and PGE ( “Platinum Group Elements”) extraction chemical reactor to be used in Pro-Or’s pilot plant.

The design of the reactor was an important step in the project since the choice of materials, mainly their corrosion resistance, required that a number of tests be performed in selecting the right materials. The chosen material is currently used in a number of other industrial applications as well as being easy to machine offering Pro-Or a reactor which can be used in a continuous mode. The selected material also offers an technically easy scale-up to industrial production. The remaining pilot plant equipment are simpler and require less critical design to ensure the complete success of the project.

This design complete Pro-Or now has access to a leading edge pilot plant. This stage being complete the chromite enrichment and PGE extraction test runs should start soon while respecting the original timetable. Pro-Or and its collaborators are now even more confident in the successful application of these technologies to the development of the Menarik ore body as well as to other Chromite and PGE resources.

The TSX Venture Exchange does not accept responsibility for adequacy or accuracy of this release

Contact: Pierre Gévry
Tel : 514-849-7336
Fax: 514-849-9260

March 24, 2004


RESSOURCES MINIÈRES PRO-OR INC. is pleased to announce that it has filed for a new international patent under the Patent Corporation Treaty-PCT for its chromite enrichment technology developed by the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique. A second patent will be filed under PCT regarding the innovative Platinum Group Elements (PGE) recovery process.

Pro-Or considers that since these processes will greatly reduce the production costs and increase the availability of Ferrochrome and PGE it needs to file for worldwide patent protection. The utilization of two new and exclusive processing technologies together with the chromite resources of the Menarik deposit, in Bay James Quebec, could lead Pro-Or in becoming the only ferrochrome producer in North America. The chromite enrichment process should provide the company with a very special niche for the production of unrivalled ferrochrome alloys. The PGE extraction technology applies as well to refractory ore such as chromite as to other PGM bearing deposits and to recycled material. The second technology eliminates the use of expensive smelter operations.

The TSX VENTURE EXCHANGE does not accept responsibility for adequacy or accuracy of this press release.

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