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Re: Damn, is everyone asleep?

No. They are not asleep. Those that saw it have been buying rather than commenting.

I don't think most people have fully grasped the significance of this discovery. The aerial extent might be limited, although still significant. However, what is really significant is the layering of the production zones. Take whatever aerial extent you want (2 to 6 sq. km, depending on whether the other fault blocks are saturated or not) and then multiply by 3 or 4 or 5 times.

In the first well they are producing from the 860-890 metres True Vertical Depth (TVD) zone. In the second well they are producing from the 1,142-1,163 TVD zone. They also have 3 zones above the 860 metres zones that they were aiming to produce from with this well but then hit the lower zone and decided to produce from it first. They also believe that there are more zones below this lowest zone, that could be even richer. So a minimum of 3 layers that can produce and possibly 4 or 5. That is like multiplying the aerial extent by that factor. Rich thick zones with good porosities. A company maker discovery.

I think POE will be the CEN of 2012. And if they hit anything in Indonesia (the lottery tickets), then that would be the icing on the cake and a true company changer. CEN is still a good investment, but the person that invests at $5 and sells at 20 is normally different from the person that buys at 20 with the hope of selling at 30. A gradual change of the guard will be taking place there and POE will likely benefit.

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