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bye bye poisen pill

from the proxy statement filed today:

In April, 2007, the Board of Directors instituted a Preferred Stock Rights Agreement. Because Shareholder Rights Plans (typically known as poison pills) dramatically alter the balance of power between shareholders and the Board of Directors, it is important to put safeguards in place to protect against the Board supplanting the rights of the shareholders.
The current poison pill has several provisions that are not in-line with current best practices. First, it has never been subject to a vote of the shareholders. Second, the flip-in percentage of 15% is too low, effectively preventing shareholder’s from gaining enough shares to influence the governance of the Company, and therefore adversely shifting the balance of power between the Board of Directors and shareholders. Third, the 10 year sunset provision is too long. The provisions in this proposal would bring any future Shareholder Rights offerings into compliance with current governance best practices, such as those recommended by the RiskMetrics Group (formerly known as Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. or ISS).
To correct these deficiencies, we propose the Board of Directors terminate the current Agreement and put provisions in place to make sure that any future rights plans are in-line with current best practices. If the TIDE Committee of the Board of Directors feels that it is still in the best interest of the shareholders, and other relevant parties, to have a rights agreement in place, it should place a proposal for a new rights agreement that meets all of the criteria of this proposal on the proxy for this year’s (or a future) Shareholder meeting. This would bring the rights agreement into compliance with current best practices and concurrently allow shareholders to vote on the matter.

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