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Re: Puzzle -----clearing up a few things and away until BB-south-----Mr. Wyatt Reformatted

   Ahhhh,let us all send a quick mental thank you to our English teachers of old who we once thought were being tireless nags.
      Inoseit- I wasn't aware that I had asked a question, but since the software guy was kind enough to sort your rambling into a few identifiable themes I might as well tackle a few.
     For one thing allow me to suggest that very, very few people here are invested because of Oscar Wyatt's connection to the company. I believe that the vast majority of investors are here because they have the idea that someone else is doing their homework for them. There is a belief that there is safety in numbers. This may well be true in a dark alley at midnight in a dodgy part of town but it makes for a poor basis for investing a good portion of one's life savings.
     Right now, an investment in CEN could just as easily be based on the notion that the trend is your friend. You can't tell me that "attention to every detail, angle, nuance, metric, and overall relationship of an investment to a given market within the larger market as a whole." is making such a difference to John Q Average's investment in this company. For one thing the poor human brain is only capable of meaningfully applying about 6 variables to an issue, beyond which we get bogged down in minutiae that impede the decision making process or that fill us with confidence that because we have absorbed so much information that we will surely reach the proper conclusions come decision time.
      There are untold numbers of investing styles, but when it comes to investing in a company like CEN, all you really need to know could pretty much be gleaned from a very quick peek at the charts, news releases and, if you really need something to put you to sleep at night, the financials.  All the big words on this BB (miocene, oligocene etc.) and all the pretty pictures of seismic are merely filler to 98% of the crowd here and serve only to give a sense of security that if x number of people have analysed this then it must be so.
     But wait, some may say, we needed all this info to get in on the ground floor. Getting in on the ground floor usually means that you're one of the poor souls who endured years of dead money, or worse- quick climbs that just as quickly reversed themselves while you doggedly held following the BB mantra. Now, of course, those who were in on the ground floor have that moral superiority that makes others say, "Man I wish I had bought when this stock was at a dollar", but if you were putting your money to profitable use during that time, believe me, you didn't miss out on anything!
     Now, you bring up some women brokers as though I may feel some slight for not being one of the "real men" - rest easy, not the case. But, I have no doubt that you are indeed broker thanks to the women in your life.
     It remains to be seen whether the degree of information provided here will prevent anyone here from sticking with the stock if it should ever become a loser or whether the crowd will stick together in lemming like fashion.CEN is proving to be an excellent investment, but don't kid yourselves that this investment is any better because of the crowd of followers, the company would have done what it is doing in any case. Find a company with a nice trend line (there are stock filters for this) and keep a clear head.

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