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Chime in on this

Summary: AB-729 is a next-generation siRNA therapeutic targeted to hepatocytes using our novel covalently conjugated N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) delivery technology. This is a promising new subcutaneously administered agent, which acts on multiple HBV viral transcripts, enabling inhibition of viral replication and suppression of all viral antigens. AB-729 showed more durable in vivo preclinical activity than earlier-generation siRNA agents for the treatment of chronic HBV infection. In comparison to lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-mediated intravenous delivery, GalNAc-conjugated subcutaneous delivery of the same reference siRNA required a 10-fold greater dose to achieve similar mean maximum inhibition of serum HBsAg in AAV-HBV mice. However, HBsAg suppression in the LNP treatment group had fully resolved by Week 4 whereas the GalNAc treatment group nadir persisted from Week 2 through to Week 6. One dose of AB-729 was sufficient to achieve mean maximum HBsAg reductions of 1.4, 2.8 and 3.9 log10 at 1, 3 and 9 mg/kg, respectively, in AAV-HBV mice with baseline serum HBsAg 3.6 log10 IU/mL. In vivo AB-729 suppression of HBsAg was also highly durable, with 83%, 89% and 99%, respectively, of the mean maximal effect remaining at Week 10 after a single dose.

What does this paragraph say? Their subQ molecule takes 10X the dose of LNP? Iím confused

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