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Re: ARWR begins dosing ARO-HBV

One would have to be frankly moronic to believe a Jefferies "research report".

The only thing objectively first in class is Anzalone's ability to constantly raise money despite burning investors on poorly planned research development, for the company and himself.

Jefferies is simply completing the deal. They got the last secondary and made the commission. Anzalone got 500K of shares priced at 0. The buyers that Jefferies lined up now get the opportunity to sell their shares at a guaranteed profit.

Jefferies, on 0 data on TRIM is no more educated on whether TRIM is the new best in class than a punter betting on a novice horse never seen before.

What is definitely not a coincidence is that Jefferies happened to have an independent report ready for release on the day ARWR announced first dosing in a safety P1! Wow it seems a leader in safety to me. Especially with the track record the company has.


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