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Dear Greepeace


Another good and long read, makes sense does it, or not ?/ you decide :

Dear Greenpeace personnel,

I am a very concerned 41-year old Canadian family man (yes, male, I can

still distinguish), born in a small village in Saskatchewan and currently

residing in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I would love to assist your organization

in making the world a better place. I recently read a quote from Mr. Stewart

that ‘oil in Alberta is unnecessary’ and something about ‘only clean energy’

(of course I am mildly paraphrasing but it was the gist of the CTV article).

Now, I can tell you that I was angered by these comments. So, as Greenpeace

has all the answers, I thought who better to contact other than the fine

individuals of your organization.

Now Issue # 1 is transportation: As almost everyone in Canada is not living

in the GTA, what is the cleanest form of transportation that you could

recommend for my family (which includes my wife, 2 teenage daughters, and

the family dog)? Public transportation across the prairies (to visit family)

is almost non-existent since the closure of Greyhound and STC (Saskatchewan

Transport Company). Even when the bus lines were fully operational, 10 to

14-hour bus trips to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ were way too long and

fares for the family were too expensive. I should also mention a normal

drive time for a personal vehicle is approximately 6 hours. So, with public

transportation out of the question, I need to own a vehicle. Please

recommend a vehicle on the market that has no oil products in it. Maybe, if

I can get personal on some level, what kinds of vehicles are most commonly

owned by Greenpeace executives/employees? I only ask because as I read the

news (and any other publication that posts the comments of individuals such

as Keith Stewart), apparently Greenpeace has no use for oil and oil produced

products, as they all pollute the earth. Climate change, you know. So,

should I buy an electric car ... NO, I can’t. As a rational, reasonable

thinking Canadian, I am aware that electric cars are full of ... NO, wait

... Almost COMPLETELY composed of, and manufactured with/by oil-based

products. I guess electric cars are out too. Horseback? NO. Riding on

horseback would get me into all kinds of trouble with the good people over

at PETA and WWF. Don’t want them trying to shut me down. My best guess is

that none of you folks over there own a personal vehicle. Well let me know

which way to go on that one.

Issue # 2, food: Now I’m sure that no one from the world of Greenpeace buys

that grubby food produced on and from farms across Canada. Those farmers use

an abundant amount of diesel to produce every scrap and morsel of food that

can be found in every grocery store across this great nation. I mean

seriously, how is it that all Canadians can’t understand this simple truth.

Milk, bread, meat, vegetables, etc. have all come from a farmer, who I can

promise you, owns a tractor. Tractors burn a lot of fuel. If you were or are

unaware of this revelation, I will guarantee these facts, as I was born and

raised on a Canadian farm. ALL the food consumed from the store has come

from a farm somewhere. Then to top it off, those grocers have everything

packaged one way or another to keep food fresh and sanitary (God knows we

can’t have someone else’s germs on our food). Again, oil issues, all that

packaging (to keep the food safe) is made with and by oil products.

Honestly, it feels like I can’t win. So, like activists, I have a garden for

all our food. However; protein (you know, meat) is a real issue. City bylaws

say I’m not allowed a pig (for pork products such as bacon and such), or a

cow (steaks). I can have five chickens. I guess those teenage girls I

mentioned earlier are going on a diet. I am very concerned for the

well-being of people living in apartments (where gardens are impossible). By

the way, where do you get all your food from?

Issue # 3, heating: This is a touchy subject. How would a man as intelligent

as Keith Stewart and other lead activists heat their homes? Now I am

somewhat intelligent as I only have a Grade 12 education from a small

prairie high school (not big city educated), but I can’t figure this one out

for two reasons. Natural gas ... I don’t think so! Pollution! That clean

burning gas from the ground is still produced by Big Oil (we hate those

guys). I was going to switch to coal but, carbon tax (pollution, again).

Wood burning is not the way to heat our homes, it’s soon going to be illegal

to cut down trees (emissions, again). Solar energy, well, that doesn’t stand

a chance in Canada. Geothermal would almost be the way to go if it didn’t

require drilling and glycol-based fluids. I don’t need to tell you folks the

ecological effects that a glycol spill has on the environment and animals.

Wind turbines would be almost effective if they weren’t so expensive to set

up and not to mention the amount of poor birds that would die as a result.

PETA, again, would not be pleased. So, please help, I currently have no way

to heat my home that isn’t a pollution issue.

Issue # 4, electronics: As we all hate Big Oil, we must destroy all

electronic devices. No computers, phones, tablets, etc. If it has a computer

chip, a plastic-coated wire, a power cord, I mean if even one component of

any device/machine contains oil and/or oil by-products, it must be

destroyed. Big Oil is not going to keep you and me from our dream of a

better planet. No more electronics ... I can’t write this letter, businesses

everywhere can’t operate, you can’t get your points across. Maybe we need

oil? What do you think?

If we (as a country) are not going to produce oil, whom/where does Mr.

Stewart want us to buy it from - as I think we have established that it is

currently a requirement in every Canadian household including yours? The

obvious answer must be the Saudi’s, America or maybe Venezuela (all

environmentally-conscious places, right ...?). Which does leave me curious,

if all our oil is imported, does the carbon tax go up or down? Maybe

imported oil is carbon free? The Liberal government would have Canadians

believe that the carbon tax will stop global warming. You men and women are

smarter than that, right? I’d like to think that as Canadians we should

support Canadian oil as it is one of the most regulated oil producing

countries on the planet.

Is everyone at Greenpeace living in a time warp? Are you all individuals who

are living off the land, being 100 percent self-sufficient? If you are, you

wouldn’t be able to read this email. However, we both know that you have the

ability to do so, which means Greenpeace is also on the Big Oil wagon.

Please don’t be ashamed. Just own it. Stop preaching to the masses. When

your organization and personnel are willing to walk your own talk, then I

guess we’ll have something to discuss.

Are you so blinded by tofu farting hippies that you can’t see the plain

truth? Let us all be honest, organizations such as yours and the ones like

it are not willing to make the hard sacrifices to accomplish any real

change. Like almost every lobbyist group, you’d prefer to bitch and whine

about everything until the donations stop coming in and then move on until

the next money-making issue swings around. Granted; Greenpeace started with

admirable beginnings, but like all good ideas, it always ends up about the

money. Or am I way off base?

I do expect a response, for if I don’t get one ... you’re going to find this

letter on every news feed and publication that will print it. I will send it

to Ottawa (not a threat with the current ‘leadership’, but the Conservatives

might listen). I’ll post it on every social media outlet I can sign up for

and people will read it. I know that the loudest voice is the one the public

hears the best. By now you must understand that you can’t be the only voice

for people to listen to.


Leon W.

As you may have guessed, there has been no response from Greenpeace, so,

here we go.

If you agree with my thoughts, please feel free to discuss, forward, share,

post, etc. We can no longer sit back and let others be the only voice that

the public, activists, government, etc. are listening to you. I think that

with our oil built electronics, we must circulate this letter. Let's get

people talking. Thanks for your help.

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