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McNeil Generating Station, Burlington, VT

The gates to the power plant are closed on weekends though tours may be arranged during the week. 
There was an open, untended enclosure available for receiving "yard waste" from any who wished to take advantage of the opportunity with a plea that plywood, pressure-treated lumber and painted wood not be dumped.   A number of people were unloading their hauls while we were there.  A semi with two trailers pulled up to the gate with presumably more serious fueling of the power plant.
The smokestack had a small, lazy column of barely noticeable white emission,  in contrast to the steam generated from the cooling towers a short distance away.  
A low hum was the only sound we heard from the fence around the power plant.  It sounded like little more than running water emanating from the cooling towers.  A working-class residential neighborhood to the north that started maybe a couple hundred yards from the plant would not in our estimation be unduly disturbed by the "hum."  That would seem quite different from the unnerving hum of wind turbines that we experienced near our own area when we visited that wind farm.
The power plant sits in a depression with a rather pleasant, sizable garden supply business, a community garden spectacular and a welcome center that I took to be some kind of social service group.
The residences nearby are screened, poorly in the late fall, by a planting of small willowy trees.  They are protected this time of the year more by being at a much higher level than the plant.
My son, who has designed power plants, thought the power plant was a fine sight for sore eyes.  I did not.  To me the power plant was not the ugly monstrosity presented by the Berlin remains with the obscene playground nearby but it was not the kind of scenery I would most recommend for viewing.
All FWIW submitted for those interested in something other than the repetitious rah rah and bash bash that dominates the iHub board.
I invite any comments from the few taking a walk on the quiet side.
Best,  Terry

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