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Some comments regarding EMAN's new patent # 11410606

Patented Case - 07/20/2022
Issue Date 8/9/22


The present invention enables an OLED microdisplay having pixels that include small sub-pixel areas as small as 2 μm×2 μm (an area of 4 μm2) or smaller.
58:20 - next gen OLED sub 5 pixel pitch 
Was Pervemba referring to EMAN's advancement? 
If 'or smaller" according to the EMAN patents is 1.5um that is 4.5um + space between pixels which could be zero based on EMAN's  patent  10297645 -

"sub-pixels with no gap between them"
For reference , a 5um pixel pitch is 5,000 ppi in a display with a .98" horizontal.
Therefore a 2"H 10K x 10K resolution display could be created. 
What is especially interesting in this new patent is the mention of light fields.  
When using microlens to create light field the resolution is reduced.   Therefore you need more pixels to compensate .
There is growing interest in building a display with ultra-small pixel sizes for applications such as virtual reality (VR) to improve the user experience. A common problem with existing head-mounted display (HMD) systems is user discomfort after prolonged use due to vergence accommodation conflict (VAC). Among the various solutions proposed to overcome VAC the most comprehensive is expected to be the light field display.
In the light field approach each pixel comprises multiple sub-pixels, each of which emits directional light. At any particular viewing angle only one (or a very few) of the sub-pixels contributes to the perceived resolution of the image as seen from that direction. As a result, the required resolution of a light-field display is increased by the number of directions required for true depth perception.

In order to achieve adequate directional emission for a particular pixel resolution, a large enough number of sub-pixels must fit into the pixel area, leading to a need for a very small sub-pixel area. In some applications, a sub-pixel area as small as 2 μm×2 μm is required.
EMAN  patent to put a microlens over each sub-pixel -,149,340
It seems clear to me this patent is a stepping stone to creating smaller pixels for use with microlens to create a light field display and eliminate VAC.
How long do we have to wait ? 

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