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A mention

United States Patent Application20210103148
Kind CodeA1
Hua; Hong ; et al.April 8, 2021



An exemplary display is placed in an optical pathway extending from an entrance pupil of a person's eye to a real-world scene beyond the eye. The display includes at least one 2-D added-image source that is addressable to produce a light pattern corresponding to a virtual object. The source is situated to direct the light pattern toward the person's eye to superimpose the virtual object on an image of the real-world scene as perceived by the eye via the optical pathway. An active-optical element is situated between the eye and the added-image source at a location that is optically conjugate to the entrance pupil and at which the active-optical element forms an intermediate image of the light pattern from the added-image source. The active-optical element has variable optical power and is addressable to change its optical power to produce a corresponding change in perceived distance at which the intermediate image is formed, as an added image to the real-world scene, relative to the eye.

Inventors:Hua; Hong; (Tucson, AZ) ; Liu; Sheng; (Tucson, AZ)

Arizona Board of Regents on Behalf of the University of Arizona



Family ID:1000005279723
Appl. No.:17/123789
Filed:December 16, 2020

[0097] In this example a monocular display was constructed, in which the accommodation lens 14a was a liquid lens ("Arctic 320" manufactured by Varioptic, Inc., Lyon, France) having a variable optical power from -5 to +20 diopters by applying an AC voltage from 32 V.sub.rms to 60 V.sub.rms, respectively. The liquid lens 14a, having a clear aperture of 3 mm, was coupled to an objective lens 14b having an 18-mm focal length. The source of images to be placed in a viewed portion of the real world was an organic-LED, full-color, 2-D added-image source ("micro-display," 0.59 inches square) having 800.times.600 pixels and a refresh rate of up to 85 Hz (manufactured by eMagin, Inc., Bellevue, Wash.). The mirror 18 was spherically concave, with a 70-mm radius of curvature and a 35-mm clear aperture. Based on these parametric combinations, the display had an exit-pupil diameter of 3 mm, an eye-relief of 20 mm, a diagonal field of view (FOV) of about 28.degree., and an angular resolution of 1.7 arcmins. The 28.degree. FOV was derived by accounting for the chief-ray angle in the image space. 

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