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The following message was updated on 2/28/2021 7:04:15 PM.

Microsoft(Osterhout) patent
This was from the batch that MSFT bought from Osterhout .
Oakleys style.
They have everything but the kitchen sink -
The projector 200 may include an optical display 210, such as an LCoS display, and a number of components as shown. In embodiments, the projector 200 may be designed with a single panel LCoS display 210; however, a three panel display may be possible as well. In the single panel embodiment, the display 210 is illuminated with red, blue, and green sequentially (aka field sequential color). In other embodiments, the projector 200 may make use of alternative optical display technologies, such as a back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD), a front-lit LCD, a transflective LCD, an organic light emitting diode (OLED), a field emission display (FED), a ferroelectric LCoS (FLCOS), liquid crystal technologies mounted on Sapphire, transparent liquid-crystal micro-displays, quantum-dot displays, and the like. 
but if you want to use it for Night Vision , best to go with OLED -

The black silicon core technology may offer significant improvement over current night vision glasses. Femtosecond laser doping may enhance the light detection properties of silicon across a broad spectrum. Additionally, optical response may be improved by a factor of 100 to 10,000. The black silicon technology is a fast, scalable, and CMOS compatible technology at a very low cost, compared to current night vision systems. Black silicon technology may also provide a low operation bias, with 3.3 V typical. In addition, uncooled performance may be possible up to 50° C. Cooling requirements of current technology increase both weight and power consumption, and also create discomfort in users. As noted above, the black silicon core technology offers a high-resolution replacement for current image intensifier technology. Black silicon core technology may provide high speed electronic shuttering at speeds up to 1000 frames/second with minimal cross talk. In certain embodiments of the night vision eyepiece, an OLED display may be preferred over other optical displays, such as the LCoS display.

so MSFT clearly has the IP whenever they are ready to upgrade IVAS . 

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