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Hong Hua doing the microscope thing



United States Patent Application 20190162945

HUA; Hong ; et al. May 30, 2019

[0151] In one implementation of EDOF microscope 2800, suitable for EDOF microdeflectometro according to method 1300 to determine the slope variation of mini-aperture optics such as a cellphone lens, the diameter of the object-space field of view is 2 mm and the numerical aperture is 0.24 NA. In this implementation, image sensor 2830 is a 1/3'' CCD sensor (DR2-13S2C-CS, Point Grey Research) with resolution of 1280.times.960 pixels and a pixel size of 3.75 .mu.m, which affords a spatial resolution of 2.12 .mu.m in object space. Also in this implementation, microdisplay 2820 is an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) microdisplay (SVGA OLED-XL, eMagin), with resolution of 800.times.600 pixels and a pixel pitch of 15 .mu.m. To minimize the potential effect of chromatic aberration as lens 2812 changes its shape, microdisplay 2820 may be operated at a monochromatic working wavelength at 550 nm by lighting only the green pixels of microdisplay 2820.


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