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The following message was updated on 8/16/2019 9:16:43 AM.

New Technology Could Help the Legally Blind to See

Goog find Ace, eSight3 & Hong Hua
eSight 1 used EMAN then they switched to Sony for eSight 2 . No doubt eSight 3 will be Sony since EMAN can't get their shit together .
Kind of sad really as Hong Hua is in our camp .  I could post several examples of her using out displays in prototypes but here is just a couple .
110. A small size microdisplay 130 with high resolution was thus preferred. Based on the size, resolution, availability and cost, a pair of 0.61-inch Emagin OLED displays were selected, with a resolution of 800×600 pixels and a 15 μm pixel size. 
See page 5 - EMAN 1920 x 1200
A micro-lens array (MLA) of a 3.3 mm focal length and 0.985 mm pitch was utilized. (These types of microlenses can be purchased from Digital Optics Corp, SUSS Microoptics, etc.) The microdisplay was a 0.8'' organic light emitting display (OLED), which offered 1920.times.1200 color pixels with a pixel size of 9.6 .mu.m. (EMA-100820, by eMagin Corp, Bellevue, Wash.) A freeform eyepiece along with a see-through corrector were used of the type disclosed in International Patent Application No. PCT/US2013/065422, the entire contents of which are incorporated herein by reference. 
Hong Hua is also involved with Magic Leap both as an Investor & Consultant :
Hua, it should be noted, is also a consultant for the mysterious augmented-reality startup Magic Leap and is listed as an inventor on some of the company’s patent applications and patents, including two patents granted in 2017 for a headset with a see-through display featuring mutual occlusion and opaqueness control that looks very similar to this work. She won’t say precisely what she does for Magic Leap, but she does say this academic research is unrelated.
I guess I ended up in the shitty alternate dimension . 

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