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Re: Noticing some the twitter feeds coming out of SID

But if they are going to attract a big company like Intel to invest - shouldn't Intel know the situation with the company much better than the hype surrounding it?
But I agree, that hyping the stock price might be advantageous if the company is selling shares. I was speaking in more general sense that VUZI and KOPN were issuing PR weekly and their stocks are going down regardless.
Also we have a different situation when the company is owned by Mort and AWM and they are not interested in selling parts of it to outsiders. Instead they are increasing their position and for them the lower the stock price - the bigger chunk of the company they are going to own. Why would they want the management to promote the stock now while they are still increasing their position and closing short positions?
But there will be a time they are ready to sell - and then there will be a lot of promoting going on. But as I said, this is a 'show me the money' market and for the hype to be successful - there should be money part present in the equation. So until the company is profitable, no hype is going to help.

I usually wouldn't touch a stock that is being promoted. Most of the time this means big boys are selling and I don't want to be on another side of the trade. And if you own such stock - it is time to sell.

I don't know if the stock currently over or undervalued. All depends on the company's earnings in 2020-2023. And I have no idea what they are going to be. There is a chance they are going to be very nice and that would make current valuation very low.
How big that chance is - that I don't know either.

And yes, you posts make very minor effect on the share price right now when 10 people reading them. But maybe in the future when the stock is popular and thousands of speculators are reading your posts - then they might have some effect on the stock price.

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