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A new mention, 2019

United States Patent Application20190037806
Kind CodeA1
Peper, JR.; Alan Robert ; et al.February 7, 2019

Animal Wearable Head Mountable Display System


An animal-wearable head-mountable display (AW-HMD) device comprises a head fitting designed to fit the head of an animal, and an output subsystem coupled to or integral with the head fitting and configured to output a signal to the animal. The device can comprise an optical module configured to project images into an eye of the animal, and various other modules, such as an audio module, a tactile module and/or an olfactory module.

Inventors:Peper, JR.; Alan Robert; (Seattle, WA) ; Nestorovic; Nenad; (Seattle, WA)

Command Sight, Inc.



Family ID:1000003496664
Appl. No.:16/030672
Filed:July 9, 2018
 [0033] As mentioned above, the AW-HMD device 1 may include one or more optical modules to display images to the animal. FIG. 2A is an example of a side cross-sectional view of a side-mounted optical module that can be used for this purpose in the AW-HMD device 1. The view in FIG. 2A is from the perspective of the animal when the AW-HMD device 1 is being worn by the animal. The illustrated optical module 201 includes a computer-operated display 202 (such as, for example, an eMagin SXGA096-CFXL OLED display), a beamsplitter/combiner 203 with reflective coatings, a lens array 204 that includes a plurality of lenses and/or waveguides 207, and camera 205. Note that while the illustrated embodiments shows two lenses 207, other embodiments may have a different number of lenses, which could be just a single lens. The display 202 emits substantially uniform light that is generally directed towards the reflective beamsplitter/combiner 203, through the lens array 204. The camera 205 is aligned with the display 202 in the direction in which most light is emitted from the display 202.

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