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Micro-LED microdisplays = EMAN

Advantage EMAN :

But regular LED manufacturing facilities dont fit the job, largely because microLED chips are a lot smaller than regular LED chips. This means every LED chip fab needs a new infrastructure with a much cleaner clean room, and higher resolution lithography, Virey explained.

Microdisplay Advantage EMAN:

While the monolithic approach is good for very small displays (microdisplays) with very high pixel density, such as >2000 PPI (pixel per inch), this is not a universal answer for microLED.

Why? Because the LED wafer size would be limited to 4x6 inches. If the display pitch is too large, most of the precious wafer real estate goes to waste, Virey said. Imagine 5 um microLED positioned at a 100 um pitch at the surface of the wafer. Youre wasting 99.75 percent of the wafer surface!

For lager displays necessary for mobile devices, TVs and monitors most microLED display players are using pick and place methodology to put tiny LED chips on the back of the display.

Meanwhile, key players in monolithic integration include: Lumiode, Ostendo, Aledia, mLED, Nth Degree and probably Facebook/Oculus, Virey said. Various research organizations such as LETI, ITRI and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are using the monolithic approach to make microdisplays, which could serve applications such as augmented and mixed reality headsets or micro-projectors such as head up displays.

Advantage EMAN :

"and probably Facebook/Oculus"


Advantage EMAN:

Who is best positioned to develop the next gen micro display Micro-LED tech for the military ?

When do we start getting R & D contracts ?

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