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Msg  26605 of 26890  at  3/3/2021 6:17:08 PM  by


Re: NEJM - Finally

Wonder why it took so long? Pembro len published well ahead of approval during ASCO GU.

“ 8/ Following up on our previous presidential session @myESMO #ESMO2020 annual meeting, we are now thrilled to see CheckMate-9ER phase III trial in mRCC just published in @NEJM, co-lead: @motzermd and @tompowles1 #Escudier @CPRT65 @crisuarez08 and many others”

9/ As previously presented, the primary endpoint of PFS and the secondary endpoint of OS both favored the use of cabozantinib + nivolumab with HRs of 0.51 and 0.60, respectively.

10/ Similarly, the ORR was 55.7% in the combination group with a median duration of response of 20.2 months, vs. 27.1 % and 11.5 months in the sunitinib group, further validating the superior efficacy of cabozantinib + nivolumab in #kidneycancer !

11/ All subgroups of patients appeared to derive greater benefit from the combination of cabozantinib + nivolumab vs. sunitinib

12/ In addition to a potent efficacy, cabozantinib + nivolumab also displayed greater benefit in QoL that was maintained over time vs. constant deterioration in the sunitinib group (note dose cabo: 40 mg/d). This is an example (FKSI)

13/ We want to thank all our collaborators and the people who helped in the completion of this trial, but most importantly we want to thank ALL the patients and their families who are our daily inspiration. @kidneycan @KidneyCancer @IKCCorg @kcCURE @OncoAlert @ASCO @myESMO“. @DrChoueiri

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