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Exelixis Case Study — RA Capital Peter Kolchinsky


“Exelixis case slides teach story of company that persevered through incredible challenges. NPV model that builds line by line, shows where M&A synergies come from, & why it’s hard for a successful company to escape acquisition. On Thinkific - Register at”


“So even if you don't register on Thinkific for the course, you can access a lot of the article and slides that are already out there. And we have more in RA Capital's Perspectives section (including podcasts). And the learning never stops. Former students of our Business of Biotech course (~1000 by now) host meet-ups and clubhouse chats, organize on LinkedIn, and trade ideas for continued learning. So join in, absorb lessons of the past, and lead the advancement of biotech. Thinkific course is free & gives you access to more content you won't get elsewhere (primarily recorded Lectures I mention above). Periodic discussion session we host are where you get to practice what you learn w/ more hands-on exercises & meet some peers. Knowledge sinks in.“

RA Capital is committed to empowering the next generation of biotech leaders (because we look forward to working with you to build tomorrow's great companies!).

We develop and host short, intensive courses on a variety of advanced topics relevant to the business of biotechnology at no cost to admitted participants. Our goal is to examine, interrogate, and teach practical and theoretical concepts fundamental to the biotech industry that aren't being presented anywhere else. We engage diverse cohorts of excellent graduate students and working professionals and provide them with a forum to think deeply, question norms, and grow in expertise. Our course materials are perpetually available online (via Thinkific) and we host periodic live discussion sessions over Zoom.

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