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Gilead Q2

“those predisposed to wild-eyed speculation”

Geoff Meacham with Bank of America
Hey guys, thanks for the question. I had a strategic one for Dan or even Andy. Dan, when you took over the narrative for Gilead was a return to growth as hep C was stabilizing. And of course, I get the headwinds from COVID, but sustainable growth has still been evasive. So the question is, do you view remdesivir as new product that anchors your long-term growth, or do you feel like you need other assets, obviously recognize that filgo and Kite are also in growth mode, but you need other assets to help drive sustainable more long-term growth. Thank you very much.

Daniel O'Day

Yes, sorry about that Geoff I was chatting the way there. Let me say, it's certainly the latter to your question, Jeff. And that is that as happy as we are, that we can have an impact on patients in the COVID crisis with remdesivir. We completely understand that hopefully by the way for the world, that we'll get to a stage where the pandemic is much more predictable and remdesivir is playing a role. But not what we're relying upon for our mid-to long-term growth in the company.

So we believe that rather the continued emphasis on our core business to make sure that we not only continue to lead with HIV today, but also tomorrow with the next generation of medicines combined with what we have in our internal pipeline. And then growing our overall immuno-oncology business, both Kite and outside of Kite. And I think that's what you see as we think about now outside of virology, moving into inflammation, moving more deeply into oncology, particularly outside of Kite.

You are going to continue to see, I think, more of what you've seen in the first half of this year, which is an ability to both optimize our current portfolio in house and continue to do smart, targeted deals that allow us to bring transformational medicine innovation into our house at different stages of development. And obviously that goes along with different risk profiles, right?

And that's, I think, where BD team under Andy's leadership has done a really good job of making sure we're doing fit-for-purpose transactions, where when we're going after first or best-in-class, there's risk associated with it. We're trying to be prudent about how much capital we deploy upfront particularly on the earlier stage assets and kind of pay for success over that period of time.

And there are others where we've seen the late-stage data like Forty Seven where we feel quite confident and bullish about bringing that in and using the breadth and depth of Gilead to look at expense of life cycle management on a medicine like magrolimab that has a leading position in a competitive environment to allow us to think about multiple different indications in hematologic malignancies, and possibly also looking at solid tumors. So that type of a strategy is absolutely fundamental to grounding us and continuing to build on our mid-to long-term growth story.

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