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Re: EXEL Volatility squeeze

"Strong buy in my opinion."
Good job, very perceptive. I've been meaning to post on peripheral catalysts that remain below the radar. I'm still expecting a Cabo RCC approval before years' end in Japan, an IND filing from the Invenra partnership, and some revealing data presented on the new compound XL-092...also before years' end. In addition, we should see some feedback from DS regarding CS-3150 sales which may provide some surprise insight as to the future prospect of the compound in hypertensive diabetes, hypertensive CKD, and possibly some basis to consider applications outside of Japanese ethnicity. I suspect MMM's shopping spree is far from over, and I am hopeful he will divulge either an outright asset purchase - or another productive partnering program. MMM seems a most deliberate sortuva guy, and I am expecting his remaining tenure in the industry to prove as productive as that of George Scangos.
Fingers crossed, but I am still very optimistic for 2019...

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