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Re: Sigh..

Yeah we only have 1 person to blame and that's who you look at in the mirror each day, for not getting rid of Ken a few years back. Ken gave Rio 7.5 years to kick tires and that's what it seems Rio is doing. They have a whopping 6 out of 30 holes done in 2.5 years and still have 5 years left to get the other 24 holes done and to keep kicking the tire until they make a decision or take a % of Star Diamond. We have a pending recession and synthetic diamonds coming into play. We also have all the diamond mining companies hitting all time lows in share price yet we have dilusional people here that still think we will get $$5.00 per share when we trade at 18 pennies, a 30 bagger good luck! 
I personally think this doesn't go past 2021 as Rio has Argyle closing in 2020 and Diavik closing in 2024 so they will need to start construction no later that 2022. Even at 3 years of construction that will take this to 2025 and they will likely have about 1 year of diamonds in inventory to sell to get them through 2025.
Its been a long wait but THIS WILL BE A MINE, and this NIGHTMARE will be all over by end of 2021 or sooner.
2 years of waiting still but nothing we can do! Would be nice to send the BOD a message next AGM that we are not happy with how long this is taking and the limited promotion of this massive resource.

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