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Strong Buy

Resource Stocks running hard!

Gold, Silver, Copper and Cobalt stocks are running hard again today. Itís just unreal that we sit at .21 with no promotion and no volume. When and what is it going to take to get this stock moving? Itís hilarious that people on this board think we will get to $5-8 but we canít even get to a quarter. How do people seriously think 20-40 bagger? How? Explain how you think that would be possible? If thatís the case why are funds not coming into this at .21?

We all know we might see a small increase in drill results. Imo 5-10% increase. Even though this is great and significant, what will this do to the share price? Maybe .30-.40, maybe .50???

How do we move this to a buyout position as nobody on this board will ever sell this for .50-.75????? I just donít see what is going to move this to get the proper valuation for our shares? I am so confused and depressed with this company.

What does anybody else see as triggers? What are ideas on this board for some improvement in share price? Why do our staff get 3 million options up from 250,000?

How do we seriously even get to a 5 bagger to $1.00????? Then throw in a 30-50% premium on the buyout?

I sure hope people come to realize that we need a change with this company. We need a company that will promote this massive resource and that will travel and tell the story to NEW PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT SICK OF PREVIOUS LIES. We need new investors and only way is to get the story out to newbies.

.21 and no sign of anything moving this up for a long time. Just missing another massive bull market for gold and silver waiting for this disgusting pig to finally get some good news.

I sure hope shareholders show their displeasure to management and BOD at next years agm. What the hell are we missing? Yes we have bad management but why do we still trade at .21 for a resource this big and with a major involved is beyond me. I officially give up guessing and sold another 10,000 today. 😢

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