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Re: World Record-Monty


At this stage it would be encouraging to have a.40-.60 cent share price IMHO. The investment is frustrating for me as I see the private placements with friends and family specials that repress our price and enrich the warrant holders. This also creates weak shareholders ready to run for the door as soon as they get an 8% return. My desire is for the management team to promote the project and they just don't have the skills to pull it off. I am maxed out right and would buy more if I could, just not possible right now. Yesterday was frustrating because every time an article comes out with a Rio Tinto rep being quoted, our timelines seem to drift father out into the future. I am holding to the end whatever that may be, just frustrated like a few other folks here. I have much respect for you Dirt, you add a lot to this board and for that I thank you. Sorry to be salty, just ready for the end game...

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