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My thoughts and who I am

In reply to inbox and other questions:

My thoughts on Shore are in message 17143 - or another way - "On paper, the Riders should have had a great season."  Yes, Shore has the numbers and the blue-sky needed, but it is a competition not only with diamonds, but other things like potash, for the billions of investment dollars required.  However, if you are a diamond company and want/need more diamonds, Shore is a great choice.

Now who I am, see - that's me.   You will notice that I do not give advice on stock prices - that's not my area.  I discuss what is happening and what is likely to happen (and how it happens), which does impact stock prices, but I do not know how much.  I also look at things from "a person living in Saskatchewan" perspective, not as an investor.  The population does not care who builds a mine nor what the valuations are (they should, but they don't); they just want to know if and when it will be built so they can plan their home sale price or business plans.

Because of that, part of Tom MacNeill's push with 49 North is to get more Saskatchewan people to invest in Saskatchewan projects, so that when they go ahead the money stays and grows here.  You will notice under the 'documents' section of the website a presentation done by Tom, that presents that our socialism background made us dependant on government just for jobs, rather than wealth from participation.

And as another piece of dicslosure, I live in Prince Albert but my radio commentaries are heard across the province.  I also showed the DeBeers folks around Prince Albert a few years ago when they were involved and helped arrange the helicopter for Benny Steinmetz to vist the site (also a few years ago; note - I did not know it was Benny until after he left).  That's how I got involved in things to begin with.

And once again, I do not know more than anybody else - I just have good set of eyes and ears for public information, then compile it, and ask good and reasonable questions of knowledgeable people.  Reading postings on this board are part of my research as many of you find and share things I did not have.  And, my work is called "Prosperity" Saskatchewan, not "balanced news on Saskachewan's mining stocks."

If I could give a piece of advice, don't call Joe and ask him questions he cannot legally answer.  I call and get clarifications - he's happy to do that.  If you respect that, he's easy to reach and talk to.

Finally, the 2nd best time to buy a mining stock is during the final decision making process.  Everybody seems to agree to that; the price is at its second lowest then.  And, that is where Shore is sitting.  It seems to me that the stock is doing what it should - it may be a bit late on the timelines, but . . . .


Hope this helps,


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