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Msg  27094 of 27115  at  12/6/2019 9:12:08 AM  by


Time for change

Tried to register on agoracom to post this, but registration failed. Background- first shares purchased in 2008, periodically added as recently as 9/30 following announcement of failed topline. Not large stake, just shy of 10K shares, but not only small cap biotech in basket. Science is interesting.

However, the other component of success with these developmental biotechs is management. Founding CEOs often reach a point where it is best they hand off control. I have thought for awhile that is the case here. I don't read all posts on the various boards, but I don't see this topic discussed. I don't see Don's folksy, aw shucks demeanor playing well with Wall Street or big pharma. And I don't see why he insists on presenting the scientific and clinical data on these updates. That is not his background. Either have an external subject matter expert or one of internal scientists do those parts and let Don set stage and do the market potential and financial comments.

I think there is value here and will hold my shares, but it is time to let someone else lead the effort.

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