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Biotech Showcase January 911, 2017.

Biotech Showcase

January 911, 2017
San Francisco, CA 94102 USA

Resverlogix and Zenith will both be there.

One of those IR firms attending Biotech Showcase also caught my eye. Then again, seems like our guys want to fly really low on the radar screens these days given the "analysts" they're working with. :>(

Wonder how they would assess our performance so far?

2017 - Professional Advisors

Focus on Healthcare & Biotechnology Investor Relations

Stern IR is the premier investor relations firm focusing on the entrepreneurial healthcare and biotechnology industries.

Access: Key Relationships with the Healthcare and
Biotechnology Investment Community

As a result of our industry focus, we have cultivated valuable relationships within the investment community and know all of the major players and industry events. We facilitate introductions with crucial contacts on Wall Street and help our clients develop and improve existing relationships.

In the biotechnology sector, investor conferences and industry events are an important part of a successful IR program. We leverage our relationships in the industry to target the highest quality events for each client and to help obtain the most value from each event. Through a combination of meetings and roadshows, we familiarize the financial community with our clients and their unique prospects.


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