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Re: This is horrible...

I take very strong exception to your characterization of my post as "pumping". I always call it like I see it - nothing we say here will impact the stock price up or down, so there is no point burning integrity on either pumping or bashing.  Consequently, I am inclined to take very strong exception to your suggestion that I was pumping. 
From MY perspective, the jury is still out on the cancer program.  While not a DVAX sponsored trial, the study being run by Stanford and BMY is ongoing - not cancelled.  If you knew anything about Dr. Levy, you would not be so pessimistic about the clinical results.  
But maybe you don't care about clinical results - and, to be fair, whether DVAX shareholders will make any money if SD-101 is effective in this trial is a different question than whether the clinical results will be good. 

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