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Re: This is horrible...

The company said they are winding the cancer program down over Q2 and Q3. Not sure what your point is. And I'm not lashing out or making personal attacks. You're pumping the stock making statements contradictory to the direction the company is going. I said nothing about you or your mother. But you take in this company is wrong. Sorry if you can't handle blur criticism but I'm here to make money, not to appieze your ego.

I just said you were pumping a company and management that has spent ALL OF OUR MONEY on a failed cancer program.

I had my sell order in at $24.50 on approval. Stock only popped up to about $24.30. I own that. This company has also made some very bad decisions to take us here and we should all be looking to hold the new management accountable for turning this thing around. I am constantly amazed at so many investors who are apologetic to poor management of their capital when management is taking 6 and 7 figures salaries and bonuses off the top and taking free stock from the bottom. We should all be very upset.

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