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Re: Idera is also talking to potential partners

I hope that improved data in half year from 2mg cohort(25 patients) in head and neck, and 2mg cohort(25 patients) in  melanoma refractory or resistant to anti-PD-1 could finally  push the partnership deal through...
 Idera is desperately for any partnership to survive, it is going to run out the money in a year...

In another trial, we reported 27.3% ORR in 22 patients with head and neck cancer who were naïve to anti-PD-1 and received the eight-milligram dose. The activity we've seen in this group was encouraging because the second-line or later patients that we enrolled in this study do progress very rapidly, often before we can even treat. And the response rate that we observed was roughly double that reported from monotherapy. We have now completed enrollment of 25 patients in the two-milligram cohort in this study.

Finally, in melanoma patients refractory or resistant to anti-PD-1, who received the eight-milligram dose, we reported a 20.7% ORR in 29 patients; again, indicating SD-101 is providing benefit significantly beyond monotherapy in this population. We are now completing enrollment of 25 patients at two milligrams in this study. In all three studies, adverse events related to SD-101 treatment were transient mild to moderate flu-like symptoms.

More recently, we reported biomarker data analysis from clinical trials of SD-101 in 3 tumor types. We demonstrated consistent target engagement; induction of type 1 interferon response in the tumor microenvironment; increases in recruitment of key cell types responsible for tumor control; responses regardless of baseline PD-L1 status; and importantly, that the trends in immune infiltrate changes between the two-milligram and eight-milligram groups were entirely consistent with the higher response rates in the two-milligram group.

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