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Re: NKTR-214 short attack - Mr. Liu

Thank you for the input, I have NKTR for a short term trade, will be out either before earlier Jan, 2019 or its PPS reaching $45...
I would be extremely happy if SD-101 combo could keep ORR 70% and reach CR 20% for its phase III trial...
By the way, just moment ago, I , first time, paid attention to the date presented by 'Changes in Immune Activity in The Tumor Micron-environment', and realized how important those data are for selecting SD-101 2mg dose for all current and future SD-101 trials. Apparently, those SD-101 dose escalation data is benefiting DV281 dose escalation trial to locate best efficacy dose before its phase II expansion trial earlier next year.
Hopefully, AZD1419 will be a great Christmas gift to everyone here

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