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Re: Price action -- remember TRQ

We all form our own opinions of “why” market action occurs.

I find the price movement of small caps strange and I suspect there in the last few years there has arisen some computer-driven AI that identifies price and volume and rides or creates small trends with zero regard to the underlying business or fundamentals of the stock. But the algorithm is only as smart as the information it uses, limited programming or access to information in equals garbage out.

Metals prices have not yet been reflected in market valuations across the sector - perhaps because retail is very weak, perhaps because margin is more expensive, or there is some malaise and mistrust, fear of risk of a major market correction, a financial shock, recession, who knows.

Identify value in underpriced stocks, accumulate at deep discount, ignore the market action is my call. ETG isn’t looking to raise money or dilute for a while, we have a significant couple of events scheduled for 2024, metals prices are trending slowly up … recession fears hard to gauge - but I don’t see much that is more negative about ETG today near $1.20 cad then when it popped over $1.50 … the proposition is much the same to me except, tick tock, we are closer to cashflow, closer to Lift2 drill results, closer to arbitration, and the possibility/probability of a buyout offer at a substantial premium to market has only increased in the meantime.

I know it starts to sound foolish after so many years … but be right, sit tight is still my ETG mantra.

Market action and pricing? About as sensible as it was when the stock was bottoming at close to 20 cents several years back. Well, a little more sensible but not even half way there!


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